Mission statement of METTA INC.

In the Service of Public Good.

 METTA INC is a public charity whose mission is to provide scholarships and grants for adults and children who are disabled, to attend classes in mindfulness and self-compassion training in order to enrich their quality of life and provide an overall sense of well-being.     

As part of our mission, METTA is committed to working with other organizations – both nonprofits and others   , in the public and private sectors, who share our goals of bringing mindfulness and self-compassion to people with disabilities.

In addition, METTA is dedicated to underwriting the cost of distributing materials in accessible formats such as Braille, large print and digital. These formats promote learning mindfulness to elementary and secondary schools across the country that serve  students with disabilities.

One of our primary goals is to extend an open invitation to individuals  with disabilities who want to bring mindfulness and self-compassion techniques to their communities, to receive teacher training from the MCT training program. METTA INC will provide scholarships to those who wish to undergo such training.